Kershaw Leek ◊ Tualatin, Oregon

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jserg kershawMachined stainless steel.  Finished edges.  No burrs or rough spots.  Meticulous assembly.  Spiffy design.  Some people are drawn to mechanical devices of superior nature.  We’ve always had a happy eye upon the Kershaw Leek series.  Designed slim and unobtrusive in the pocket, so you’ll carry it every day.  When you need it, the knife will function flawlessly.  Year after year.  Decade after decade.

A nice chance of acquisition recently appeared.  At a little less than half list price,  I bought one of my “grail knives”.  The stainless Leek.  In near perfect condition, I’ll have a USA-made heirloom-quality knife to give my son or nephew, daughter or niece.  Or even a total stranger, returning Karma to the vast repository circling the heavens.

Many consider the Kershaw Leek an ideal EDC – everyday carry knife.  After daily using a Gerber as my EDC, within my tradesman profession and as a handy household tool, I find conflict in that statement.

The Kershaw is perfect for someone who wants a carry knife at all times;  it disappears into the pocket through size and design.  I’ve become accustomed to a larger handle for more intensive cutting, poking, slicing, and prying.  The larger Gerber Covert Folder better suits my use.  But if the Gerber is unavailable, it will be the Leek for me.

Most importantly, I now have a “dress knife” that will not weigh down fine trousers.  LEEK IS LIGHTER with a more robust pocket clip.  87 grams vs. the Gerber Covert Folder’s 113 grams.  Not only will the Leek hang more comfortably upon the lighter fabric of dress trousers, it will remain affixed where I secure it.  Perfect for cutting a piece of string & opening a box.  Ideal for an emergency tracheotomy.  Patiently waiting for duty if asked.

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