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Ray King had me in his studio to install copper irrigation pipe.  A noted sculptor in glass and optics, metal and light, Ray had his mojo working.  He wore the coolest linen batik shirt.  I immediately bought one and wore it everywhere.  After eight sweaty summers my shirt began to revert, shredding back to thread.  The vendor was long gone.

Never one to be without a “favorite shirt”, I began the search two years ago; came into my orbit.  Among dozens of fabrics, I choose “Mauve Island” with its earth tone reds, browns, and greens.  A fantasy land on fabric.

A few months ago, discretionary funds appeared while the linen batik shirt fell to rags.   An AlohaLand order was placed.  My two year ordeal ended just in time.  Judi tells me vendors usually discontinue patterns every few years.

My shirt came after ten days.  Made to order and a perfect fit.  I marvel at the quality of Judi’s sewing.  I have a shirt to last another decade, at least!  Judi, care to comment on an upcoming article?

Here’s what I say:  The best Hawaiian shirts in the world made right here in Oregon. I match up the pocket so some people ask to have a pocket.  They can’t see it. I do a flat felled Levi seam on the side so they never fall apart  (I noticed !!! ❤ )  The fabric is pre shrunk so it will not shrink with washings.  I use great buttons, some coconut shell, some agoya shell and some very high quality plastic that looks like shell.  (Like mine ❤ ❤ )  I also reinforce the collar, the center fronts, and the top of the pocket. I hope this helps.  Thanks, judi

The school bus print shirt below?  His shirt is made by Richard Tison, Paperhorse Creations,  Leesburg, GA.  It is a cool shirt and a great photo.  ATB’s “Six Thumbs Up” Honorary Mention Extravaganza Award. – editor/publisher


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