J-B WELD Epoxy Putty Kit

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 AFTER REMOVING THE 1920’s mortise lock, a gaping rectangular hole was evident in the door.  The new Schlage locks, ordered and ready for install, would not install until this void could be addressed.  Why?  Because the extra drilling for modern locks would have turned the French door into a Swiss Cheese door.  A lock installed in a compromised door helps no one but the unlawful.  Never figured on the space left by the removed lock, but it was a temporary setback.

 J-B WELD Epoxy Putty KitA bit of handyman-style investigative work came up with The Dutchman Patch.  I cut a piece of wood to fit the space formerly occupied by the mortise lock, and glued it in with Liquid Nails.

Next, a prodigious amount of wood putty was mixed.  Not your average putty in a can, but an epoxy-based two-part invention from J-B WELD.  Exceptional stuff!  It cured in a few hours, and I was ready for sanding!  A little touching up, and the door now looks like it always had modern locks on it!



DSCF0319   DSCF0316

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