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At some point a box of half-used ‘product’ ended up in my cupboard.  Moisturizer, soaps, deodorant.  Girly stuff.  And as happens on occasion, man’s personal grooming habits can be modified by non-verbal interaction with the fair sex.  The frequent “two steps back” greeting of a friendly friend, an overheard, “Mooommmm, why does Jim smell?”   🙂

Commercial “men’s” deodorant was abandoned long-ago as sticky, overpowering, stinging, even gunky.  It might work for lubricating large blocks of stone as they are wedged into position, but for axilla application, gross!

Digging into this gently fragrant box I discover:  Daisy G’s aluminum-free Lime & Patchouli unisex deodorant.  BANG!  Instant reorientation into polite society.  Full dance card at the monthly cotillion.  News travels fast within The Arc;  Joey B. calls, wants to know my secret.  

At the risk of imperiling our nation as reawakened romance syphons his time, I say, “Easy-peasy, Joe-Joe.  Daisy G’s of Buckeye Arizona.  She even has a $4 shipping special until July 4th.  Hit the net, get a few for you and your closest friends, maybe a few soaps and moisturizers as gifts, and Dr. Jill won’t be able to keep her hands off of you!”  Sure enough, you saw their smiles at G7   😉

Whether your goal is to save the nation or a personal relationship, or maybe just something nice for yourself, Daisy G’s has what you want.  DaisygSoaps.com

Jim’s preferred gift box – About $25 delivered

Lime Patchouli Clear Stick Deodorant

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil Natural Soap

Coconut Aloe Cream – Moisturizing Face and Body Cream


2 thoughts on “Daisy G’s • Buckeye AZ

    Carole said:
    February 3, 2022 at 10:52 am

    Looking up information on my “new” vintage Corning coffee 9-cup percolator brought up your blog. As my husband and I enjoyed our morning coffee, we also took a tour around the country reading aloud from your various entries. Excellent job, your writing is succinct but chockfull of subtle description and feeling. We might not agree with you but certainly enjoy reading you. Thanks for opening up our eyes a bit. (PS: Are you by any chance a Freemason? I noticed a reference to a tile setter)

      American Toolbox responded:
      February 3, 2022 at 12:00 pm

      Hi Carole!

      Thank you for reading! No, not a Freemason, but hope I share some of their ideals. – jim, editor/publisher

      Country air .. the smell of honesty and hope … there is no age limit on youth and dreams.

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