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gerber covert folder bladeA COMPLETE STRANGER  one day saw my need of a decent pocket knife.  Camping near Fort Pickens along Pensacola Bay, I was making a hideous mess of my tent guide line.  A storm approaching, wind rising, rain pelting.  There I knelt, making pitiful slashing gestures with the camping equivalent of a butter knife.

In short, a used but serviceable -and razor sharp- knife was lent, lines repaired, the loaner returned.  Almost.  “Keep it” greeted me the next day, along with the sun, a humid funk rising from the damp ground.

Never absent a pocket knife for a single day after that,  its utility proven time after time.  One can cut, pry, poke, slice, shave, nick, flatten, abrade, any number of additional operations with a good knife.  Operations!  Missed that one.  Yes, an emergency tracheotomy is not beyond a sharp pointed knife and improvised breathing tube.  If you want an appendectomy on a desert island, better hope someone -like me- has a good knife in their pocket.

gerber covert folder handleWhen my knife broke, I bought an identical model -staggered at the sum- but happy again to be so equipped.  Chance conversation illuminated me on Gerber’s warranty.  Forever.  I sent it in, and they repaired the original.  Now I have two.  A spare, in case one is at the cutlery professional, having it’s edge honed.

Gerber Legendary Blades

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    […] accustomed to a larger handle for more intensive cutting, poking, slicing, and prying.  The larger Gerber Covert Folder better suits my use.  But if the Gerber is unavailable, it will be the Leek for […]

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