SCGC True Acoustic Bass

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SCGC TAB headstockPlaying the SCGC True Acoustic Bass is the most fun I’ve had in ages.  This instrument has been made specifically for me.  Like a bespoke suit.  Did Carolyn visit in my sleep to get measurements, or was I dreaming?  Literally, a perfect fit.

Absolutely superb craftsmanship.  Supreme balance.  Most right-hand guitars work best on my left knee.  But this 46″ beauty sits naturally on my right.  Even with a massive scale length, it does not feel like its headstock is sticking out in the next room.  Large guitar, yes.  But not a box on your lap.  Rather, a carefully crafted piece of acoustic art.  Intimate.  Sexy.  Persuasive.  She puuuuurrrs seductively one minute.  Then makes a compelling case to follow her example.  Follow her lead.  It is a bass player’s world, after all.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company makes one bass.  One model only.  There is no variation when creating your very best.  As Richard puts it, “Years of field testing have refined the specifications to a 32 inch scale on a dense vintage Mahogany body with a master quality Sitka Spruce top meeting strict and specific tonal criteria”.

The bass projecting into my room, through my core, has me hooked.  Can’t put her down until my fingers quit.  Yep, it helps our relationship that she’s a real looker.  But her character, the way she talks and acts, you can’t fake that.

Awesome photography by Ron Jones!

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