Hand-Knitted Cashmere Watch Cap

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DSC03269ALL ACROSS AMERICA are American artisans.  Working with metal, wood, and the most useful of all, textiles.  Inspired by the Serpent.  Or was it Eve?  Wanting to accessorize with the apple, no doubt.

Amazing, the progress humanity has made in the last 2.6 million years.  Global economies have introduced unlimited variety of materials to the practicing.  About a years ago we visited the subject of the hand-woven watch cap, featuring  Chinook Winds Bison Yarn and Fiber.  This popular Montana supplier produced bison yarn knitted for me into a perfect sub-zero watch cap.

This time, Heather, the fabulous Iowan artisan renown for custom woven headgear, reached clear around the globe to return with a perfect cashmere yarn.  This particular product is sourced from the western area of Inner Mongolia.  A combination of very cold nights and hot days, coupled with living in a pristine, pollution-free, high altitude environment produce amazing cashmere goats with feathery soft down  is how MinkYarn explains the quality.  Indiana Jones got nothing on Heather!

DSC03286And from Heather, herself:  The cashmere used in your hat is a laceweight which refers to the thickness.  Knitting it single stranded would have been much more time-consuming on tiny needles and would have produced a thinner fabric.  Instead, I separated each of the two skeins in half and knit the four strands held together as if they were one.  This resulted in a thicker, warmer, more durable product.  Using a single rib for the brim gives a greater ability to stretch, and using a waffle-type stitch for the crown adds texture and warmth.  (Think of the texture on the fabric for thermal wear, or long underwear.)

Quality isn’t cheap.  But you’ll get exactly what you want.  If you take care of it, you’ll enjoy the product for years and years.  Hats by Heather.  Special order only.

DSC03268 DSC03270 DSC03271 DSC03272 DSC03287 


One thought on “Hand-Knitted Cashmere Watch Cap

    American Toolbox responded:
    October 3, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    A blustery wet day today, in the mid 50˚s. The town’s streets blocked off for “Heritage day”. Most of the vendors were freezing. But I was warm and snuggy. A perfect “first cold day of the season” with my cashmere watch cap.

    Thanks, Heather!

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