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$_57-1SURE, IT’S JUST A BELT.  Nothing to get excited about.  Is it more?  Well, yes.  How often do we buy a belt?  Good ones last for a dozen years or more.  Dress belts, padded and stitched, might lose their mojo from heavy use.  But a work belt, all leather, dyed clear through?  That should hold up until it stretches too long, you gain/lose too much weight, or you die.

When I decided I’d had enough with a sloppy belt, I cinched the problem with a quick internet search.  Found Orion, a USA manufacturer.  Double-checked the belt pedigree, and got a quick response:  Yes, the belts are all made in USA.  We make every single one ourselves in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The regular-priced belts are actually made to order.  Auction-style listed belts are that much cheaper, is because those are the belts that customers have purchased, and returned to us, usually to exchange for a different size or style.  Thanks,
Natalia.  I placed bids on four belts and scored two of them, for less than half price!  Yes, they look BRAND NEW!

 Made In USA 1 1/2″ Havana Bridle Leather Belt With Double Hole Return Size 38 $20.75

 Made from heavy native steer hides and drum dyed for deep, consistent colors with waxes and tallows. Hot stuffed with just the right amount of “spew” on the grain and flesh to have that English feel.

Thanks, Orion!  You are the “Go-To” company for USA-made leather wear!

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