Diamond Strike Anywhere Matches

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diamond matches

WAY BACK WHEN THE WORLD WAS a simpler place, my plumbing practice concentrated on specialized services to restaurants.  Fortuitous events led a customer to give me a commercial Garland oven with 4-top range.  From this point on, I was hooked on commercial equipment for the superior construction and control one had over their work.

The Garland is gone, was traded to The Master Of Disaster for wages owed.  I did, however, acquire a countertop 2-burner APW WYOTT a few years later, sporting a healthy 30,000 BTUs per burner.  ***your typical residential cooktop might product 12,500 BTUs on a good day***

The quest for matches in a smoke-free household often impeded timely lighting of the range, usually when marinated chicken was past due in a cast iron skillet.  I finally tracked down the wooden matches DSCF0011ubiquitous throughout childhood, when gas ranges did not have standing pilots.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!  Still Made In The USA Since 1881 they are!

Naturally, we’re talking about Diamond matches. I chose Strike Anywhere Extra Long to fire up the  APW Wyott GPH-2H.  This exclusively outdoor minimal-cleanup gas cook top can now safely be lit without sacrificing the hair on one’s fingers!  While current production Wyott countertop ranges, like the GHP-2i,  feature electronic ignition, Diamond matches will find a use in any household. They store for decades.

 APW Wyott GHP-2i dual open burner countertop range features heavy-duty cast iron grates that quickly conduct heat and distribute it evenly to your pans or pots.


One thought on “Diamond Strike Anywhere Matches

    American Toolbox responded:
    May 2, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    Note: These matches turned out to be a real disappointment. Finally I called the company and found out the company had been sold but I could get a coupon for the newly-designed match. Six months later, the coupon came and I bought new matches. They are fair but not great. A certain flimsiness in them? Made in China now.

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