Craftsman Garden Hose

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Two winters ago we wrote of our beloved Craftsman garden hose.  Pulling the hose from a snowdrift during a daytime thaw of 44˚F in January.  Treating my truck to a quick wash-down before temperatures again plummeted (it dropped to 8˚F that night).

This hose is still going strong, does not kink, no splits, perfect performance with every use.  The price, double or even treble a vinyl hose, is forgiven.  Rather than endure mediocre performance of a cheap one-season hose, I went with the best.  The investment has paid off handsomely.

With Father’s Day around the corner, I’ve thought about a second hose for Dad.  A quick internet check shows Craftsman 50′ hose prices starting at $20, nearly half the usual.  Shopping for Dad was never easier, with quality like the Craftsman hose a few clicks away.

craftsman 50 ft all rubber garden hose

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