Girl Scout Cookies

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peanut butter patties boxA decade or so ago I paid a neighborhood kid a few bucks to drag a trash can, broom, and shovel four blocks from my house.  Then work his way back, sweeping all the gutters and picking up any trash.  It took him over two hours.

As I’m settle accounts, a savvy Girl Scout sees my stack of bills, and pitches cookies.  She does not take “Thank you, no” for an answer.  She suggests I reward my laborer for a job well done.  Two 11-year-olds in conspiracy.  Sales 101 had hit the Girl Scout Cookie Drive.  Concede, commit, convince, close.  The kid wanted a chocolate peanut butter variety, she made the sale and went on her way, and things got interesting.

peanut butter pattiesThe kid opens the box, scoops ALL the cookies into his hands, tosses the box into my rubbish can, and starts eating.  He ate them all.  There are currently 14 to a box, which would provide 105% of your recommended daily fat intake.  A few lustrums ago, I’d bet there were more, even tastier cookies, before health-conscious den mothers insisted Change was good for us.

The drive is again with us.  I cannot commit to buying, because I too would eat the entire box.  Maybe if the sales girls would find the right pitch for me.  “Hey mister, you don’t have to eat them now.  Put a box in your freezer.  You never know when a guest might want one”.

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