Remo 12″ Djembe

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Remo Apex Djembe 12 in. Green Kinte KlothIMAGINE MY SURPRISE.  After purchasing and using REMO percussion products for decades, I’d become used to usual manufacturing practices.  The drumhead is USA.  Shell from Indonesia.  Its hardware, Taiwan.

But upon flipping this fine instrument over, inside was a red/white/blue logo and proud words, “Made in  U.S.A.”.  Within the music store, I had already decided to buy, but came back the following day after a little midnight price-shopping and a sunrise phone call to REMO.

Customer service was fast and alert.  Straight, informative answers immediately given.  Yes, that entire product is made by us.  Yes, we agree it is a fantastic product.  No, you do not want to leave it in the rain”.

remo skyndeep head closeupREMO Skyndeep® drum head gives us warm, crisp, vibrant tones.  A great look which imitates goatskin of traditional African djembes. The shell, virtually indestructible, permanently imprinted with its design.  Great job, REMO!

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    Stephanie Kwolek • Kevlar® « American Toolbox said:
    November 15, 2015 at 8:17 am

    […] researching the Djembe article, I learned that REMO is using Kevlar® in some of their high tension drum heads!  And sure […]

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