Kingsford Charcoal

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Kingsford Charcoal with Weber jsergovicHenry Ford had many good ideas.  “Waste not, want not”, ingrained within him, saw value in even the lowliest pile of rubbish.  Scrap wood from his production line?  “Make charcoal”, he proclaimed.

His subsidiary thrives with ubiquitous Ford success.  Currently owned by The Clorox Company, Kingsford Charcoal enjoys a safe 80% market share.  What would Ford say?  “Why not 100%?”, perhaps.  Or maybe “You can have any color you want . . . as long as it’s black”.

With lighter fluid, I choose Kingsford® Charcoal Lighter Fluid.  One may say, “It’s all the same”.  Aliphatic petroleum solvent, like everything, can be produced in differing qualities.  I’m a brand-name believer, so it’s Kingsford for me when grilling vittles for friends and family.

Our American Toolbox method varies depending on what we are grilling.  Today, it was this:  lay out an almost double thickness of coals;  pile into a pyramid, douse with Kingsford lighter fluid, and light;  admire this January Arizona weather –  grapefruit are not yet ripe but last year they were early;  spread out coals when red, set top grill and wipe with olive oil-soaked towel;  grill;  wait for your chicken to cook – this was nearly 20 minutes, covered for the last two.

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