S. Donald Stookey “Mr. CorningWare”

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S. Donald Stookey   1915 – 2014

06Stookey-Obit-master675There does not exist within this great Republic of ours the kitchen absent of CorningWare.  The most important invention to modern cooking, Stookey’s ballistic glass became the temperature-resistant material from which have been fashioned billions and billions of cooking, serving, and mixing  articles.

Moving into new digs?  A quick trip to the corner 5 & Dime will supply all the Pyrex your kitchen will need.  And it has never been expensive.  Just about as cheap as any glassware, but infinitely more durable!

MidCenturyModernEamesEraPYREXClearWaterPitcher_zps0f5845aeNestling bowls are my favorite.  Whether creating pasta salad or reheating a Super Size Serving of chicken soup, Corning makes the item that works for both preparing and serving food.  And drink!  Here’s another favorite, which we wrote about a few months ago.  A Pyrex® pitcher in the Eames tradition.  Who knew glass could be both functional and stylish?

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