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Danner 30800NOTHING LASTS FOREVER.  Or does it?  How long is forever?  For me, it might be a few decades, it might not.  Still, I usually buy  sturdy multi-generational items.  

To celebrate a milestone event my brother wanted to give me something special.  He tossed out a few suggestions.  Everything seemed “here today, gone tomorrow”.  I had been eying a pair of American-made hiking boots.  Perfect for the asphalt jungle;  better for the Appalachian Trail.

Selected among the best boot available to the committed hiker.  Born from the ideals of Charles Danner in the shock of the Depression, a commitment to superior craftsmanship that lives to this day.  How sturdy are they?  Friends gloat over their Danners, decades old, reminiscing over their trials and trails together.  “Buy once, cry once”, they chant.  Boots  are available for half the price, but you get what you pay for.  

danner boot by fireplaceThe trouble with really comfortable shoes and boots is that they fall apart by the time they become your favorites.  Several years ago I turned to recraftable loafers by Alden.  When the shoe becomes worn, back to the factory they go, where they take it apart.  Alden replaces worn components, puts it together, and ship it back, feeling “like your old shoes” but looking almost new.

Danner does the same thing.  Just look for the word “recraftable”.  This means you are buying a product designed to be repaired, not discarded.  In a business climate of planned obsolescence, you’re seeing a product the manufacturer wants you to keep forever.

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