Heinz Vinegar

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tarragon-vinegarVinegar.  It has been around forever.  Babylonians made vinegar from wine 7,000 years ago.  Their reasons were the same as today.  Preserving food and medicinal use.  A tablespoon into your chicken salad adds zest and excitement!  Jim’s Pennsylvania Coleslaw is lifeless without equal parts sugar and tarragon-infused vinegar.  An easy complexity achieved through sweet and sour.

 A few shakes of rice vinegar over greens at my favorite Chinese lunch counter cuts the bitter.  Instant respect from their employees.  Always a huge grin from the head duck and pork chopper.  Open-palmed, he animatedly gestures up and down, highlighting the body’s core.  “Very good!  Very good!”.  An EXACT gesture has been received from a different restaurant’s employees.  Same words.  Very good for the body’s core.  Part of their culture?

Most of my recipes call for very little vinegar.  Why buy discount when you can get the best?  Heinz has been my go-to product for decades.  There is a difference in smell and taste between the cheap stuff made for profit and a product made for quality.

cleaning-vinegarOne of my favorite uses?  Vinegar as a deodorizer.  I’ll pour half an inch into a large pot or pan and set it in a room.  Vinegar adsorbs odors as it evaporates;  musty -or other- smells are whisked away when the room is aired.  If your guest room doesn’t smell “right” after Aunt Tilly or college friends leave, don’t mask the odor.  Remove it naturally with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!  

Besides medicinal & taste benefits, I’ll use vinegar to keep my bedroom smelling fresh and neutral.  And occasionally, after a particularly odoriferous contractor rides in my truck?  I can restore a GMC factory smell by leaving a pie tin of white vinegar on its cab floor overnight.  Next day,  with windows wide open on the way to work, and both stink and vinegar flushes out.  Who would have thought?

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