Oneida Porringer Candleholder

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DSCF1388NOTHING SAYS, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”  like a candle burning brightly on the mantle.  The scented hand-dipped candle bought from an artisan on that lovely trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  Or mass-produced Ikea candles, makes no difference.  Well, a little, but regardless.  Does a candle purify the air?  Yes, it does.  Air is drawn to the flame, and contaminants within the air are burned.   And a burning candle looks nice.  A candleholder completes the ambience.

Candleholders with a wide base for stability, room to catch fallen wax, and DSCF1394safely receive matches that may smolder still, these are traits one might desire.  Just like a porringer.  A recent quest for such a pair led us to the Cambridge Colonial line produced by Oneida.

Oneida?  The company started in the mid-1800s, and which made at least half of all flatware purchased in the United States by 1980?  Yep, same company.  These mid-century pewter candleholders cost about ten bucks for the pair, but try to find a USA-made product of new production.  Impossible!  Garage-sales, online auctions, thrift stores!  These are the battlegrounds on which we fight and win back heirlooms of American culture.

Vintage candlestick holders by Oneida – Great value!

   DSCF1401 DSCF1393


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