Sacrifice and Commitment

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Appointment to the Supreme Court is a chance to change society.  Lifetime tenure as benign ruler; a license to dispense justice with compassion.  Geez, wouldn’t you hate to be on the winning side that loses due to partiality.  The patient died but the operation was a success!  I would rather trust a judge who decides a case on its merits.

Twenty-seven years ago saw polite bipartisan support for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 18-0 from Committee and 96-3 from the Senate.  Yet during confirmation hearings to replace RBG with a conservative justice, Democrats protested fiercely, the Polite Lamp extinguished.

Our American dichotomy.  Committee members eager to shine before the nominee fought to leave the shiniest apple on teacher’s desk.  Adjacent sat their polar opposites.  No middle ground.  The minority remained obstructive and even at times cruel, deeply offensive, and hurtful.

Life is a path of choice.  Bite the apple and you are on their level.  Amy Barrett did not fight them.  She endured them.  Amy’s decision to serve and her commitment to principles was a stout foundation.  Without notes, Ms. Barrett recalled case law, precedent, procedure, explanations both broad and fine.

Faith helped guide the decision to accept nomination; love gave her the strength.  With Jesse and their children looking on, siblings nearby, Amy was surrounded with the familiar.  A cocoon of respect, confidence, and trust.  As close in hand as a humble spoon ring crafted from her grandmother’s silverware.  Gentle kindness wins the day.

Appointment to the Supreme Court is a great honor.  As the scale of time lifts that privilege ever more visibly, let us acknowledge the opposing dish.  A lifetime of sacrifice and commitment.  ed./pub.

When my grandmother died, my godmother, who is my mother’s sister, chose the family’s silver set as her keepsake.  She made rings from the spoons for each of her daughters & godchildren.  At my hearing, I wanted something of my family close at hand (quite literally).  It was a connection to my dear grandmother, and my godmother & cousins also spied the spoon ring on air!   AB 11·17·2020

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    January 5, 2021 at 8:00 am

    Credit: University of Notre Dame Senior University Photographer Matt Cashore

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    January 28, 2021 at 8:00 am

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a role model to millions of people around the globe.  Supreme Court jargon is again hip, crossing over into everyday conversation.  Heard recently on the street:

    From a property owner:  We find that the plumber’s neglect to include a yoke vent offended free circulation of air within the flat offset, thus encumbering passage of wastewater.

    A young mother to her children:  My instructions are not severable; you may not skip homework AND have a sweet snack.

    A favorite quote regarding confirmation hearings:
    “Any Senate Democrat who tries to go toe to toe with Barrett over her legal abilities is going to lose. Badly.” – O. Carter Snead, 2018

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