BisonDesigns Coyote Pattern Belt

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Purchasing decision has been made.
30mm - Millennium™ Black Buckle - $19.75
Pattern: Coyote (COY)

bisondesign coyote weave 3My nephew turned 13 today.  That is a tough age for which to buy, now that kids speak a different language than my generation.  Fortunately, good looks never go out of style.  Who cannot use a nice belt?  One strong enough to save their lives, if need be?

We turned, last Monday, to our favorite designer of nylon belts, Brian Kelleghan.  Pictorial weaving with nylon?  Brian was the first.  When his suppliers said it could not be done, Brian figured it out.  The results?  Pages and pages of designs, enough to find something a 13-year-old will think is cool.  We chose, the belt was made to order, shipped, and arrived in time for the party. Yipeee!

Additional information was requested and answered:


Have you recollections into how the design came up?  What you were thinking when choosing the colors?   How about the “Millennium” buckle?  Was that a Y2K idea, and the name stuck?

The Coyote pattern is filled with colors chosen from all of the “Docker” style pant manufacturers. That is an easy call. Weaving the colors into an attractive pattern is always the big challenge.

The buckle pattern is an echo of a popular climbing harness design from the 80’s. It communicates that the wearer is an active outdoors enthusiast. – Brian

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