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PEC 6″ Flexible Machinist Ruler

64THS RULER ON GUITARWAY BACK AT THE  beginning of recorded history, I had a guitar.  This guitar was hard to play, so I correctly assumed it was the instrument.  At some point, it was pointed out to me its strings might be too high.  “Measure the height at the 12th fret.  You’re looking for 5/64ths”.

OK.  My Craftsman tape measure is not going to work.  Where to turn?  Our neighborhood hobby shop, for a precision ruler?  They’ve mostly been driven out of business by our entertainment industry.  Brainwashed masses prefer electronic games and 600 channels of content.

The internet had a few suggestions, and for a couple bucks above Asia’s finest, I located an American company specializing in precision measuring devices.  A genuine engineer and machinist’s tool!  I’ve hit the big time, mama!


  • Made from the Finest Quality Steel Available
  • All Rules Fully Hardened and Tempered
  • Precisely Etched, then Black Filled for Readability
  • Any Graduations Available by Special Order
  • Satin Chrome Finish  

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