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Nashua Foil Tape

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Before cellphones and DVDs I discovered something more useful than car insurance.  A roll of shiny tape left in our basement by heater repair guys.  When they adjust duct work, even if only ten feet of tape is used, they leave the roll.  Easier to charge a client for a roll than to measure a few feet.

Chrome tape is shiny on one side, with paper backing you peel off to expose a super sticky surface.  The tape itself is thick metal foil which conforms to the object being repaired.  Books & boots to windshields & zippers, the list of temporary – or permanent – repair possibilities is endless.  I had discovered a material even better than duct tape for solving the world’s woes.

Jump forward a few years.  As a tradesman, I’ve found chrome tape a must-have in the tool sack.  Nothing beats the adhesive properties of Nashua foil tape.  Reading foil tape attributes on Nashua packaging, the trend I started in my youth has evidently become mainstream.

A decade ago I cut 12″ lengths and saved them to a particular pocket in my torch bag.  Sure enough, every year or so a strip of chrome tape saves a job from complete chaos.  Around the house, it’s great for packaging and weatherproofing.  Most recently, I discovered the source of my long-suffering lint filled basement.  It seems a mouse had chewed through our aluminum dryer duct.  For the past lustrum, lint had flooded our basement.  But now, with a few wraps of foil tape, problem solved.  The tape even worked as temporary stitches when I sliced my thumb on the vent pipe!