Mariposa Slate • California

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cutting counterA YOUNG MAN WENT WEST.   He found the work scene different from back east.  Not so many taverns and restaurants, his typical clients.  But Mariam was opening Savoury’s, on Main Street in Mariposa, California.  Mariam wanted something different for her hostess station.  Her ears perked right up at the mention of custom stone work.  And she knew a local secret.

StoneCounter1Mariposa Flagstone Co/Yosemite Slate Quarry.  They had the goods.  And just the right piece, a monster leaning against a tree, waiting for the right pockets to come along and buy it.  The rest is history.  Dragged it home in the Ford, made a template, dry-cut the stone with a diamond wheel on a Craftsman grinder,  and dressed the edging. 

Savory’s moved down the block a few years later.  The stone was repurposed, as has happened since time immemorial.