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prime-line-logoEvery lustrum or so, I need change.  I want change.  Something to stir my imagination, make every morning a new experience.  I want my shower door to again roll smoothly upon its nylon wheels.


Nothing beats the luxury of fingertip effort in rolling aside glass shower doors for a steaming hot morning shower and shave.  For a few bucks every five or ten years, I can restore my rolling shower door operation to new condition.  A trip to the BigBox home center, a few minutes installation, and DONE!

Each door takes two rollers, but upon return from a few years abroad and regrettable renting of my abode, I discover a shower door off its track, one of its wheels shattered.  I then decide to use four wheels per door. The engineers will shed tears of joy.  Nothing beats redundancy.

Research for this article uncovers the truth about my door roller choice.  Not only are they American-made, but the company, Prime-Line Products, is North America’s Largest Supplier & Manufacturer of Window & Door Replacement Hardware!

Keep it rolling, Prime-Line!