New-Bee Ranch

New-Bee Ranch

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A few of decades ago when love came easily and worries were an abstract concept, I regularly played gigs near Douglassville PA.  Our trio set up outdoors along the raging Manatawny and performed reggae and ska into the night while patrons cooked fish and steaks on an open grill.  Skaggs on the skins and Paul on guitar.

Driving miles through rolling Berks County farmland to the gig was half the fun. Their country air is the smell of honesty and hope.  New-Bee’s light Douglassville honey is that summer twilight farmland drive.  A teaspoon on the tongue stops time, brings me back decades.  A refresher that there is no age limit on youth and dreams.

Thank God for their honey.  Ever see a grown man cry?  There will be no more sweet tomato relish until September!  Havarti and relish on toasted organic thin-sliced white with Duke’s mayonnaise will have to wait.

Fun area facts:

Manatawny is a Native American term meaning “Where we meet to drink”.

Yes, Camp Manatawny, the year round Christian Camp offering seven weeks of youth summer camp, is right around the corner.  Fantastic graphic design on the patch!

Adjacent Amity Township was NOT the film location of The Amityville Horror (1979) with actors James Brolin and Margot Kidder.  Although Pennsylvania IS location to over two dozen horror films, notably in the Pittsburg area.