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Milwaukee Super Sawzall

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ARCHIMEDES famously said, “Give me a large enough saw and a perch on which to stand.  Into halves I shall divide the earth”.  He was speaking figuratively.  Ancients’ quest to separate Good from Evil would get nowhere without the right saw.

Two thousand years later we have just the tool.  Take mine, for instance.  Near two decades young, still zalling along.  The ultimate confidence builder.  No stubborn pipe dare refuse its persistent bite when matched with the correct blade.

mid 1990s milwaukee super sawzall profile rightLast weekend we cut and dropped several tons of radiator pipe with nary a whimper.  About the only service it has required is a good cleaning of the Quick Loc Blade Clamp, a relatively new option twenty years ago, at that time found only on Milwaukee’s upper tier sawzalls.

There are now models with higher amperage ratings, built all over the world, as Milwaukee has gone global.  Clyde’s has a Milwaukee sawzall in stock labeled, “Assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts”.  Some of the other Milwaukee power tools are labeled, “Hecho En China”.  With care, my Milwaukee Super Sawzall will make a buying decision moot.

But I do want a cordless drill.  Battery technology has advanced;  Milwaukee’s battery warranty is 3 years, with 5 years on handheld tools … far longer than the 90 days or one year I remember back in ’00.  Let look into percentage of domestic content and get back to you.

Near Vintage Milwaukee Super Sawzall