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Dunlop Tortex® Instrument Pick

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Dunlop Tortex Standard GreenWithin guitar shops across America, you will find small plastic cases by the register.  Stacked, arranged, jumbled. Maybe one large case instead with over a hundred choices.  Pick selections may seem dizzying.  Tortoise shell, multi-colored, plastic, carbon fiber, bone . . . where to start?

American Toolbox recommends Dunlop.  After decades of picking, our staff still carry and use Dunlop daily.  Usually two or three for a buck, you can afford to carry half a dozen to the Bluegrass Circle.  Share, experiment, learn, enjoy.

jsergovic music picksMoving over to mandolin, I’ve settled on a thicker .88 pick.  Swapping mid-song into a lighter .60 sometimes.  My mandolin mentor smiled yesterday when he heard my new choice.  A harder pick is quieter is on the strings?  This choice developed because I carry a pick variety and experiment with different thicknesses.

Look for the Dunlop name.  Select a dozen in different colors / gauges.  At a few cents a piece, there will not be any teeth gnashing as they disappear, as picks seem to do.

Sure, a $50 carbon fiber pick produces a softer, more expressive sound.  It took decades to appreciate the nuance in tone.  An expensive pick for a novice.  Would you teach your kid to drive in the Porsche?

Tortex Standard Selection

Carry a pocket of Dunlop to every session