Le Sirop de MONIN

Coca-Cola ecotainer® with Ingeo™

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Sticky drink subjects are left to others.  Usually.  We did cover  Monin syrup last summer in conjunction with Italian sodas.  But an interesting thing can happen in this content and media driven environment we call life.  I can become bored.  Bored enough to read the advertising on my Coke cup at the airport, stranded temporarily between flights. 

Rather exciting it was to discover the words “MADE IN U.S.A.” on the cup bottom.  Reading further, I find that International Paper has developed a compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, instead of the petroleum-based (plastic) linings one has traditionally found on paper cups.

sfi-logoAnd Coke wants McDonald’s to serve Coke products in this compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, made from paper from responsibly managed forests (SFI®).

FAR OUT! – john denver

 1] Tastes great   2] Refreshing   3] Certified BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) cup   4] Meets ASTM D6400 for compostability!   5] SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper!

Le Sirop de MONIN

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Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.57.39 AMTREKKING THROUGH THE WILDS of colonial Philadelphia on a sweltering summer morning, one comes to appreciate the offering of a cool Italian soda in a chic café.  Americans are inured to pleasures a quality soda-pop over ice in a clean glass may produce, but there was a time when the drinking of sugary carbonated beverages was not taken for granted.  Planning and location dictated when one could “grab a Coke”, as a soda bar at the Pharmacy was the de facto sole supplier of these addictive, rejuvenating beverages.

When I tumbled through the doors of Old City Coffee one particularly hot July morning, I thought first of an iced coffee.  An ultra-hip hipster, arranging bottles of flavored syrup behind the counter, had another idea.  “How about an Italian soda?”, he suggested, nodding to a leaving customer.  I’d never tried one, assuming factory-bottled sodas to be superior.  But the look of delight on an exiting customer’s face as she tasted her fruity concoction seemed endorsement enough.

“I’ll take one of those”, I asked, pointing to Miss Red Fizzy Drink.  The Hip Barristo poured a finger of raspberry syrup into a cup, added a bottle of Pellegrini, ice, and capped it. “Here you go.  Two-fifteen, please”.  And what did I get for two bucks?

A refreshing fruity soda made with quality seltzer water, pure cane sugar, and natural raspberry flavor.   Most stimulating, I assure you!  A little syrup research reveal’s a company history dating to 1912 in Bourges, France.  Within years, the Monin family is shipping around the world.  1996, Tampa Florida, sees construction of a plant to supply all of the Americas.  This French company producing a quality soda syrup in the USA earns an American Toolbox Five Thumbs Up recognition!