Klein Tools 5139 12-1/2-Inch Canvas Zipper Bag

Klein Heavy Duty Multi-Bit Screwdriver

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 klein heavy duty multi bit screwdriver Never one for fancy screwdrivers, this rough’n’ready tradesman relied on Craftsman for their multi-purpose function.  Screws, pry bar, chisel, free exchange when broken.  At some point, I went to a 6-in-1 screwdriver, which occasionally did double duty as a chisel, but not as often.  Because that would break it.  I’d try to be organized enough to have a beater screwdriver for unpopular work a screwdriver is sometimes called upon to perform.

The 6-in-1 is fine.  Two Phillips, two slotted, as well as two nut drivers when a screwdriver bit is removed.  Is there any better?  In some cases bigger is better.  A bigger handle for a more comfortable grip.  Extra bits for extra options.  Klein makes such a tool.  But would I lose all these pieces in the heat of battle?

Electricians carry a screwdriver like this.  They’re the Air Force of tradespeople.  Keeping clean, meals on time, everything well-organized.  If they can do it, so can I!

The investment was made, and after three years, I’ve yet to lose its components.  Bigger handle with rubber grip.  More torque.  Better on my middle-aged hands.  The bit tips are better honed.  Quality American manufacturing.  With products like this, Klein will be in business forever.

Klein Heavy-Duty Multi-Bit Screwdriver/Nut Driver

klein multi bit components jserg size comparison 9 in 1 vs 6 in one jserg

Craftsman Vintage Slim Tape

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2300 BLtape 1OCK OF NAUDAIN STREET, PHILADELPHIA:  In the wee hours of May 1st, 2014, a complaint of carbon monoxide went out to the Philadelphia Fire Department.  Within an hour, the block was evacuated.  Then came the explosion and 3-alarm fire.

No one died, but homes were completely destroyed.  Several people lost EVERYTHING except the clothes on their backs.  Pajamas & slippers, actually.  Within my news-vacuum, two weeks passed before I got the news:  Friends of long acquaintance had lost their home.  Photos, clothes, dishes, Christmas ornaments.  Mementos, furniture, computers, tools.

Wait, did I hear the word “Tools”?  Yep, it appears that, after an initial well-received gift of an old black-and-white photo, a jazz CD, a favorite cookbook, and a couple of crystal tumblers, there were still items of great import we could give to our friends.klein canvas bag

For this couple starting over, I chose the canvas version of a tool pouch previewed earlier on American Toolbox, along with a mint-condition vintage Sears Craftsman Slim Tape – 8′. Perfect for checking the size of an armchair or bookcase, and slim enough to disappear in a pocket. 

Quality tools: the gift that keeps on giving.