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Tailgate coffee, apples, cashews, bread.  Sun up to sun down.  Windburn & sunburn.  Miles of desert road between camps.

After a bit, the shady foothills of the San Juan Mountains.  Sylvan nirvana, protected national forest.  Open streams are our running water for days on end.  But even heaven’s menu can get bland.  Heading east, Pagosa Springs.  A glimmering beacon of hippies, artists, health food stores, staging area for outdoor mountain sports.  Seriously in want of wholesome nutrition, our first stop is Natural Grocers!  Fresh grub!

What a lovely store.  Packed with vitality.  Ah!  Falafel King products!  Superior hummus wraps.  The soul rejoices.  Welcoming, nutritious, delicious.  Lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes minutes from the garden.  Savory roasted red peppers combined with freshly made-from-scratch hummus.  A vendor who does NOT use cooked, canned garbanzo beans is a vendor interested in more than portion control and profit.  The kind of people we trust with our well being.

Our commitment to the highest quality products and affordable pricing has made us a trusted source for healthy food shopping for over 50 years. We are your valued community-based grocery store, providing organic produce, vitamins, supplements, body care, and free nutrition education to all of our customers, nationwide.  755 San Juan Street, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147