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Vintage Peavey T-25 Electric Guitar

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T25 1YOU ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT the “Deal Of The Century”.  The one that got away.  The other guy got it.  You should have been here yesterday!  One cold Sunday, we showed up late to a yard sale.  Everything had been picked through.  But in answer to our questions, SURPRISE!  The owner pulls a dusty plastic guitar case from behind a bush.  Inside was what looked like the guitars we played in the ’80s.  Except that the foam lining had degraded into sticky sludge.   A colossal mess!

Neither of us knew what it was worth.  I offered the most we could walk away from, if the electronics were fried.   What if the decomposed foam lining could not be removed from the grain of the wood?

Hours of gentle cleaning with acetone, mild soap and water, steel wool, abrasive cloth, toothpicks, and Q-tips returned the gleam to this vintage treasure.  New strings vibrated forth a tone one associates with guitars costing five times the price.

An ash body again captivating one’s eye.  A maple neck ready for the musician’s caress, its high-crowned 18% nickel-silver frets practically new!  Humbucker pickups, with their very high output, again ready to cancel out noise and deliver forth the song of the operator.  Indeed, a rescued gem.  Now passed on to a young buck, about to start a Mid-West tour . . . . American Toolbox again helps to fulfill The Dream . . .