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Backyard Barbecue

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Arriving late to an acquaintance’s party in my usual August daze, I had no decision-making ability – all sweated out.  So I let host decide. “Two meat + side”, I hear is the usual.  Yes please, that sounds great.  Took the proffered iced tea and made small talk.  What would my plate be like *thinking* ’cause I’ve had barbecue all over the country.

Wow, what a feast.  Beans first, as God intended.  Amazing!  Wait, that pulled pork is DEADLY.  Hold on, those slabs of brisket . . .  So I settle into the brisket.  No knife, just balance meat on bread.  Sorry, mamma, her brisket is better than yours.  Softer than a cotton ball, richer than a stick of butter.

Seriously.  I’ve not had better brisket in 30 years.  It would be impossible to find the other joint on that deserted wind-swept highway in the ‘Jersey Pine Barrens somewheres towards Manahawkin, I believe it was … Easier to stay friends with host  🙂

The “deadly” pork?  Know what happens to a horse if you let it eat all the grain it wants to?  It’ll burst its belly.  That’s my relationship with perfect pulled pork.  Remembering the biblical proverb, I save a portion of the meal for Cat and for tomorrow.

Cat remarked that the meats were a tiny bit too salty (the meat was not over salted) but it may be an age thing. She’s almost 80 and diabetic.  My host?  A customer within the F&B circle – Food & Beverage Industry – celebrating emergence from near Covid-Cashflow-Calamity.  Hurrah!  Love the new grill, Hanna!  Huzzah!

Backyard barbecues.  May they never go out of style.  Don’t forget the watermelon.  😉

Ribs Photo Provided By Steven R. Rochlin