Andy Weir got to it first

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Another perfect trip to a well-stocked library yields the latest by Andy Weir.  And in spoken work, great during bamboo runs for our hometown hero, Peter’s Panda Rescue.  Motoring along smooth Maryland asphalt, Rosario Dawson’s diction convincing me she is, indeed, the title character, The Martian‘s famous author has scribed yet another winner with Artemis.

The title character is ~ SPOILER ALERT ~ a 26-year-old unmarried Saudi female.  She emigrated to the moon when she was six, so lunar living is all she knows.  Smart as heck, Jazz Bashara makes MacGyver seem like an eleven-year old.

This novel has it all.  Mr. Weir’s clear understanding of lunar conditions, a familiarity with common technology and issues we’ll live with on the moon, along with the human condition in one-sixth gravity.  He explains the engineering in a way which makes it seem like we already have a city on the moon. (Wait, what is really on the other side?)  This book could easily have been written in 2218 as a story “set back in those days of chemical propulsion”.

As usual, Andy Weir got to it first.