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ridgid-logoIt was a dark and stormy night.  We had been digging for two days.  The water main was exposed, its pit shored and braced.  A lovely, plumber-friendly trench ran from our customer’s foundation wall to the pit.  Shiny heavy-walled copper had been rolled along the trench floor in two directions from the curb cock: into the basement and to the municipal water main.  All that was lacking?  City water department employees to make our final connection.  A little background, we give you …

philadelphia-water-service-mainThe crew of American Toolbox last week enjoyed their favorite hobby, plumbing.  We chose a cold autumn day with constant  drizzle and wind.  For further enjoyment, a 3:30pm water main tap time was chosen.  Knowing these things run late, a dark muddy trench awaited us when the work got hard.

Hard it did get!  City employees arrived predictably behind schedule.  Everyone was hungry, tired, chilled to the bone.  Wrestling K-copper in a narrow muddy trench?  Not my idea of a relaxing evening.  But one constant, the one thing I can depend will go right?

Ridgid hand tools.  We had between us five Ridgid pipe wrenches, six tubing cutters, and the all-important pipe flaring tool.  When it was time to cut, ream, flare, and wrench tight, Ridgid was there.  Nearly indestructible, Ridgid tools may wear out, but they seem not to break.

The cold #15 cutter was familiar in my hand as I tightened and sliced copper in semi-darkness.  After reaming my fresh cuts, the E-47 Hammer Tool created flared ends one uses in underground water piping.  Tightening the flared copper to the water main tap and the curb cock, Ridgid pipe wrenches.  Even one of the shovels was Ridgid.  This was a Ridgid job start to finish.  Everything except my aching back.