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USA Pans 6-Well Donut Pan

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Homer_Simpson_2006EVERY AUGUST, THE MOST difficult decision of the year comes up.  What to get Mom for her birthday.  After a while, it seems most people have everything they want;  when something is needed, they buy it.  So the chance to find something Mom wanted but had not purchased was an exciting event!

What did Mom want?  A donut pan.  Never heard of it, but this new invention, the internet, cleared that right up for me.  In the true spirit of everything Homer Simpson stands for, one can buy a specially constructed pan to allow baking of donuts at home!Donut2

The Asian manufacturers evidently have not caught on to the American craze of home-baked donuts; the most prevalent search hits pointed to a local company.  Over 50 years of experience with materials and commercial end users have made USA PAN the go-to manufacturer of quality bakeware.  They had the donut pan.  It is made in the USA of heavy gauge aluminized steel  The price was right. SOLD! 

logoMade in the USA by American Pans in Pittsburgh, PA, the Largest Worldwide Manufacturer of Commercial Bakeware.