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3M Personal Safety Division

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La sécurité n’est pas un accident.

I gear up for another season with that famous French proverb ringing in my ears.  Safety is not an accident.  Eye protection?  Check!  Uxex for me.  Ears?  Hoppes plugs are always within reach and used, even if drilling only one or two holes in concrete.  Lungs?  As they say, when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. 

After several apprentice seasons struggling with disposal breathing masks, I took advice from safety experts at Graingers.  North/Honeywell or 3M are the usual offerings when safety is your top concern.  Decades later, I have and use both brands.  Honeywell for light dust and all day comfort, and the 3M “half-mask” for more involved irritants.

The 3M™ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6000 Series.  Interchangeable cartridges for protection within different contaminants.  While this unit will not provide oxygen, with the right cartridges, muriatic acid can be handled safely in a well-ventilated area.  With the pictured P100 Particulate Filters, I’m protected against anything the typical construction site stirs up.

Healthy body, healthy mind, restful sleep.

3M Transpore Surgical Tape

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Many moons ago, my palm was grievously sliced in a moment of inattention while working on our house.  Next morning, who is our first customer through the office door? A health care provider!  Nurse Nancy took professional interest in my poorly applied paper towel & duct tape dressing.

Peeling off my wrapping, she calmly said, “You should have gotten stitches”.  Mild concern, minor annoyance.  Detached acceptance of yet another male who blatantly flaunts his white blood cell count, daring infection to rear its ugly head.

As quickly as I can cut, clean and flux a copper pipe,  she had reached into her front smock pocket,  retrieved a roll of tape,  pinched my flapping skin together,  and applied her magic tape.  She finished by adhering a square of clean Kleenex® over the whole affair,  again with her Transpore multipurpose surgical tape.

The nurse gave me the roll, finished her business, and I never saw her again.  Still I am in awe, decades later, at her dexterity, common sense, and knowledge.  What I learned in those few minutes has stayed with me to this day.  I never Road Trip without Transpore.  A visit to the sea-shore?  Peroxide, Transpore, and medical grade cyanoacrylate (translation: a sealed tube of Super Glue).  Doctor John ready to clean, close, and bind all major or minor flesh wounds.  Emergency appendectomies,  Thursdays thru Tuesdays.

Transpore Tape