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‘Tis the season for thankfulness.  Everything speeds up, though.  We attend this, deliver than, check off our list, make the parties.  But the true spirit of the “holidays”?  Maybe it is to reflect . . . 

Last week a book on CD came into my possession.  I listen to these in my truck.  After the first few paragraphs, I anticipated travel time in the GMC like a dog hearing his leash.  The proverbial “old men” maneuvering their ancient Oldsmobiles at a trot pass me along the road as I carefully catch every traffic light.  The “travel” in “travel time” was never so enjoyable.

Yes, the writer is amazing.  Andy Weir hears this all the time so I need not repeat it.  I wonder if he imagined himself Mark Watney  ~  I’d bet Andy had to, but that will be another article.  Yeah, the upcoming interview, after his people and my people get our schedules in sync.  🙂

At first I did not realize – sorry Matt – this was the book made into a movie.  R. C. Bray NAILS narration so convincingly.  He becomes each of the characters and owns it so totally, you’d think he wrote it.  Our researchers memo’d me R.C.’s closest exposure to aeronautics is paper airplanes, so ghost writing rumors, begone!

Thinking I finally had something new to share with my nephew, I planned to introduce this fine novel to his young inquisitive mind.  Yes, the kid is brilliant, but I figure the book is mature enough that he’d have to read it by flashlight under the covers.  “Oh yeah, I read that a couple years ago.  Great book.  And we saw the movie too”.  Soccer ball deflated!  Where did this kid find the time to turn out so humble and pleasant?

Taking my nephew’s queue, I’ve secured the DVD.  I’ll repeat his experience.  I am not jealous of his youth or covet his upcoming opportunities, but do regret not noticing how quickly he has grown into a young man.  More reflection is in order.  After the movie.  Pass the popcorn, please.

Great movie!  Thanks Matt for your hard work!

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