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Cabana Stripes EllipseShopping on the Brian Kelleghan website, designer & manufacturer, is a study in choice.  He brought pictorial weaving to belts and climbing gear 29 years ago . . . and has not stopped designing, manufacturing, & updating.

Bison Designs 25mm PatternsDenied a new belt most of my childhood (except across my buttocks), I now own far more than a basketball team needs.  Yes, belts (and shoes) are my wardrobe vices.  When a shopping opportunity arose, I went right to BisonBelts and selected a belt for each of my three nieces.  With dozens of designs, I was able to find a belt to match the personality and likes of each individual girl.

Bison Patterns For My NiecesMy decision?  25mm wide for kids (and women) with an elliptical airport-friendly tri-glide buckle of Dupont Delrin.  And the materials?  Jacquard looms in Central Falls, Rhode Island weave nylon into his patterned webbing.  BisonDesign labels are stitched in Chicago.  The thread, naturally, comes from Mt  Holly, North Carolina.  And the cutting, manicuring, sewing, labeling, trimming, and QC before packaging takes place back home in Longmont Colorado.

Great design, excellent materials, perfect manufacturing!

brian kelleghan – first to bring pictorial webbing to the world

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