Jim Sudal • Scottsdale AZ

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jim sudal agave SanFranScottsdale Arizona is one of my favorite towns in America.  Residents take care of their properties, the streets are clean, and there is plenty of shopping.  Old Town Scottsdale is their “downtown”, where one could lose themselves for a day.  Some stay a lifetime.

One of my favorite areas is First Avenue west of Scottsdale Blvd.  Grimaldi’s Coal Fired Pizzeria.  Arcadia Farms  Cafe.  The studio & gallery of world-renowned potter, Jim Sudal.

Jim’s life has had its bumps and turns.  Several albums worth, as a blues musician would say.  But with redemption comes discovery; Jim’s work is now at the forefront of artistic creation.

jim sudel votive jsergJim Sudal is well-known throughout the Southwest for his desert inspired ceramics and pottery which is exceptionally unique in the world of ceramics. His work reflects the beauty of the desert landscape through vibrant, garden-inspired colors and well-known imagery such as prickly pears, blooming aloes, and his signature design – the agave. – Jim Sudal Ceramic Design

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