Patrick Graham • Brickbat Books

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062615 patrick grahamPAT GRAHAM loves books. He has collected books from childhood.  By the time he was in Art School, his 10,000+ volume collection had becoming cumbersome.  The logical solution?  Open a shop.

First, with a partner, came Big Jar Books on North 2nd Street, Philadelphia.  Big Jar eventually was sold; Pat then opened Brickbat Books on South 4th, a solo-owned boutique collection.

And the story on the Benches of Brickbat?  By invitation of Pat, of course.

We speak of a collection of wooden benches, platforms, and tables, all carved from lengths of 12″ x 12″ solid oak and poplar.  The story, not independently verified, is that a local plumber found a pile of giant landscape ties discarded by a century-old insurance firm in West Philadelphia.  Inspired hours with chainsaw, belt sander, and angle-grinder transformed some of the wood into the pictured objets d’art.

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