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windex_originalSome time ago, trying to be helpful, I offered to clean my buddy’s stove top.  After scraping off six years of burnt pan overflows, and scrubbing what a paint scraper missed, it was time for finishing touches.  Windex® and a clean towel.  Gonna bring his stovetop back to factory specifications!

“It’s under the sink”, I’m told.  Well, there was a spray bottle of purple stuff imageslabeled Glass Cleaner.  It did nothing to remove residue and grease.  Discount cleaner strikes out.  Purple water without a trace of ammonia or isopropyl alcohol.  Sold for a buck.  Not worth one thin dime.

Never do I buy a glass cleaner unless it is the original.  Windex®.  Proprietary formula and all that industrial secrets stuff cannot be imitated.  I’ve concocted a close imitation, but it does not hit the high mark S.C. Johnson has established.  The inimitable go-to cleaning product trusted by generations.  Often copied, never duplicated.

In 1933 Harry R. Drackett invented “Windex” as nearly 100% solvent.  ATB loves harsh chemicals to get a job right, but the Sam Wise formula patented after WW II is what we currently come to love as Windex.  And non-toxic biodegradable formulas?  Whole Foods and Trader Joe can keep that foo-foo stuff.  If you want to clean glass instead of smearing around dirt, go to the original.  Windex®

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