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bison designs 1 jsergovicMy nylon hiking shorts suffered for years.  The right belt was lacking.  Sure, Orion Leather makes a great belt, thick & durable.  Too heavy for my hiking needs.  A belt for my REI shorts would have to be lightweight.  Nylon was the answer.

As a kid, we had drawers of one-size-fits-all fabric belts with compression & slip buckles.  Try finding one as an adult.  Made in the USA.

And it has been here all along.  Amazingly reasonable.  Available in dozens of designs.  And, it turns out, just the right width.  30mm is perfect for my hiking shorts.

Bison Designs – The Right Belt

Located within an online auction site looking unused, purchased and delivered for a reasonable price, I’m now a believer in Bison Designs products.

Then I found their Bison Designs website.  What fantastic products!  Wow, they have so many choices!  A paycheck-sized multi-belt order is upon the horizon.

Brian Kelleghan, the man behind Bison Designs, returned my call a few minutes ago.  I wanted a pithy quote on what his contribution to American industry meant to him.  We talked . . . and we talked . . . for over 75 minutes, and would have kept talking but for obligations.  An amazing two pages of notes later, there are so many take-aways that a separate article on Brian is necessary.  Give me a few months.  For now, we’ll keep it simple.

What is Bison Designs?  His American Dream.  Success.  Everything Brian wanted as a kid.  Making a few belts behind the Climbing Desk at REI turned into a 1000+ unit order.  Design and innovation led to millions of belts a year being marketed and sold.  Brian says “I don’t sell belts, carabiners, chalk balls . . . I sell designs.”  True. Brian’s designs are great.  But his final, manufactured product is just as outstanding.  –   publisher

brian kelleghan – first to bring pictorial webbing to the world

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