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darlysewoldt emerge 3Emerge came into this writer’s possession directly from the artist during the Philadelphia Craft Show in the autumn of 1998.  The acquisition was made as a motivational device, reminding me of a sculpture I doodled in the 1980s but never executed.  While I may be forgiven my lack of progress only because it involved a car-sized piece of granite, serious stone-cutting tools, a studio, and a year unencumbered by responsibilities, I would be remiss if I did not document this fine sculpture and publish it’s journey.

From Chicago via Ms. Ewoldt, Emerge stayed in the Philadelphia region for 16 years.  Very recently the sculpture has been gifted to a dear friend, to be featured in a private gallery in the Scottsdale area.

darlysewoldt emerge 11

darlysewoldt emerge 12 darlysewoldt emerge 10 darlysewoldt emerge 5

darlysewoldt emerge 8 darlysewoldt emerge 7 darlysewoldt emerge 6

darlysewoldt emerge 1

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