Channellock Pliers Model 430

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  Putting the squeeze on

Channellock Pliers Model 430 jaw jsergWAY BACK, WHEN MY job seemed to be lugging an eighty pound (36 KG) box of tools behind a guy who smoked often and explained little, I began to notice a pattern.  Almost every plumbing job required the use of one particular set of pliers, which Boss called the 430’s.  These side-jaw pliers were of a size that fit nicely around the trap nut on a kitchen sink drain, with many uses in addition.  One could squeeze, bend, pry, hammer, support, scoop, and more with these pliers.  Multiple jaw widths were possible with these tongue-and-groove, slip-joint pliers.

After I finally began buying Craftsman tools for the lifetime warranty, I asked, “Why doesn’t Craftsman make a similar product?”.  Simple.  A tradesman could buy one set of each size, Channellock Pliers Model 430 packaging jserg
and never have to buy another.  As it is, the original Channellock, patented in 1934, will last the typical plumber for several years before replacement is necessary.  And the 5th generation of the DeArment family, still running the private company founded 1886 in Evansburg, Pennsylvania by George B. DeArment, has a great warranty, if there should be something amiss.

Channellock Pliers Model 430 • The Perfect Gift  

Channellock Pliers Model 430 on table jserg  Channellock Pliers Model 430 made in usa jserg Channellock Pliers Model 430 closeup jserg

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    […] the chain-smoking plumber taught me decades ago, I do know need to know what we are doing.  “Plumbing” was often […]

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