Nether Providence Soap Company

Nether Providence Soap Company

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Planning our 1,100 mile journey into the Beyonds of New England, Cat and I meticulously run through checklists:  Tent stakes, extra water, bug stuff,  DEF-finitely.  Litter for two with an extra pan – she pretends this is in case she has company.  *wink*  We gloss over her diabetes.  Small familiar items which turn our 26 sq.ft camper into home.  Coffee on the hob, premium wet food, a nice blanket, plenty of clean tee shirts.

But wait!  The tin rings flat!  An acquiescence to age, a lotion bar for feet, hands, neck, gone already?  Cat strikes up her favorite tune, tail in tempo, whiskers whisking:  But yes, we have no bananas.  We have no bananas today!

Available only from ONE vendor in the entire universe!  We dial . . . An answering machine.  SHE’s already on HER quest!  Can camper routine be home without a Nether Providence Peppermint Menthol lotion bar in my dopp kit?

Mulling options with wrinkled brow, the phone mambos.  Amazement!  Saarene has a solution!  Her friend will bring our product to market.  Yay!  Serenity Now !!

White Mountains, route traced with the lucky green-ink fountain pen, Christmas ‘year around with Peppermint/Menthol lotion bars, Happy Cat, snacks !!  What could be better?  I’m feeling younger. Cat purrs I’m looking younger too, with Nether Providence Lotion Bars.