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Juzek Bridge Jig

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With a bridge firmly grasped in my hand and a small rectangle of 220 grit scratch cloth carefully laid on the supine violin, I move a delicate piece of carved maple upon the paper, sanding the feet into the curved shape of the violin top.  Sometimes one foot wants a little more off than the […]

Juzek Peg Shaper

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One of the handiest items on my workbench is the Juzek peg shaper.  Nearly every violin in line exhibits peg issues.  An ill-fitted “emergency” peg, in place for decades, inexorably ruining the peg box due to ignorance, empty pockets, or economy.  Absent pegs.  No pegs.  Archaic peg hole taper. With a peg shaper we’re able […]

Juzek Luthier Tools

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LITTLE DEER ISLE, MAINE  Generational downsizing had Jeff moving fiddles.  In the right place, I acquired a Johann Baptist Schweitzer Copy of 1813 in rare good condition.  Down the Eastern Seaboard the Baptist (bap•TEEST) was shipped.  To Pennsylvania for mild refurbishment, strings, set-up, then further south to William in Georgia.  Its stop-over proved to be […]

All Summer Long

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Summers come and summers go.  The Rockdale Boys made it to our local county park.  Debbie Durant never sounded finer.  The Zona saw continues trimming violin bushing pegs closer than a dime.  A pile of late 19th century built-in drawers junked near Penn campus?  We grabbed a stack of drawer bottoms. John-Anthony dropped off his […]

2014 ~ 2017

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Mars Spirit Rover The Martian ◊ andy weir The Winter Walk Korky Flapper SureFire Headlamps Mill-Rose Abrasive Cloth Yuengling Traditional Lager Image Time • Perryopolis PA Behlen Behkol Solvent Hartz Flea Collars Buck Bros. Woodworking Tools Manhasset Specialty Ceramic Source ◊ USA Mugs Zona Razor Saws Oatey Epoxy Putty Juzek Luthier Tools Texting, American Style Perrigo D’Addario Helicore Violin Strings […]