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A Slant of Light • jeffrey lent

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Aisle L.  Always a joy.  Two years have passed.  People browsed, flirted, exchanged glances.  Plans made, advances ignored.  There is always love in Aisle L of our local library.  Requited, engaged, spurned, savored. Since my last visit Jeffery Lent has published another book.  Mr Lent is a time traveler.  He closes his eyes, fiddles with […]

A Peculiar Grace • a novel by jeffrey lent

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What to give a blacksmith? WHAT a fantastic book! The detail Mr. Lent incorporates into his main characters’ trade, blacksmithing, is sure to appeal to any tradesman. A solitary man, living alone, living with his demons, rediscovering love. Again, a complex effort by Mr. Lent, which will enrich your life. I invite you to visit […]

LOST NATION • a novel by jeffrey lent

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EIGHTEEN Hundred & Thirty Eight was the date. The location, somewhere between New Hampshire and Canada. A very sparsely occupied area with the roughest of living. The inhabitants prefered to be left alone. Both countries thought it their territory.  A man pushes his wagon deep into the wilderness, looking for a place to set up […]

2014 ~ 2018

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Christopher Payne • Photographer andy weir • artemis Shawn Colvin George H.W. Bush Bridgeport Brass Four Seasons Democracy – 2018 – Quaker Oats Hands On The Earth • Apple Cider Breakstone’s Butter Eclectic Products – Eugene, Oregon Bubba • Bootjack California Harvest Moon Festival D’Addario Violin Strings Harvest Festivals Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge Chisels Yosemite National Park Violin Maker’s Plane Beecher’s Handmade Cheese […]