Apple Fritters • Reading Terminal Market

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beilers-donuts-michael-kleinAmericans love their donuts.  An 1803 English cookbook included doughnuts in the “American recipes” section.  Homer Simpson says they are a domestic invention.  Can’t argue with facts.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and donuts.

A year ago we had fun with an article on donut pans.  Complete with linked Homer sound bites.  Our USA Pans 6-Well Donut Pan continues to please!  But the best donuts do not come from our kitchen.  They come from a local farmer’s market.

It’s the smell that sets me off.  Math skills crumble.  Resistance is futile.  Calorie counting, after a healthy meal at Reading Terminal Market, is forgotten.  Sauntering post-lunch, how many times does one seem to end up “entirely by chance” in the Northwest Corner of Reading Terminal.  Home to Beiler’s Donuts and Salads (Ha! I see a line of 20 people for donuts, but if you want a salad, there’s no waiting!)

Deeply embedded instinctual desires for sweets overcomes even the most hardened fitness buff.  We are led . . . no, pulled, towards donuts . . . but if even the tiniest bit of rational sense can struggle to the surface, we approach with only a single dollar in our hands.

That’s it.  95¢ for a ticket to heaven.  Churches would be packed if they gave out vouchers like this.  Apple & blueberry fritters seem the most popular.  Between the two, one of them will be just-out-of-the-fryer.  I’ll purchase just one.  There’s always tomorrow.


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