Boyce Thompson Arboretum ◊ Arizona

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A LAST MINUTE INVITE is all the coaxing I need to escape winter’s icy lock upon the East Coast.  Within hours, I’m jetting to the land of ripe grapefruit right off the backyard 1•az•grapefruit•american toolboxtree.  America’s favorite Mexican food in abundance!  Flora and fauna, combined with excellent “winter” weather, to make this trip perfect.

Many readers followed our trek via The Other Blog while visiting Casa Denogean in Superior, AZ.  We had visited Boyce Thompson but, alas, forgot a camera.  A trip takes planning, and this time, we had everything!  Camera, water, fruit, and time.  And the right time of year it was!

Mt Lemon Marigold blooms scent the air.  Cleveland sage, jasmine & eucalyptus combine into a heady thrust.  My favorite, the creosote bush.  Something for everyone!  We’ll let the images do the talking . . . 

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