The American Road Trip • Part I

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DSCF0839AMERICA IS NOT LACKING highway to drive.  Anyone want to throw a bag of clothes and the dog in a car?  You can motor any direction for a few days.  One of my favorite trips takes one through Missouri along I-44, to O.K.C., and west as far as you want to go.

Recently I helped a friend relocate, and made the trip twice in one DSCF0801week.  The second trip, pulling 4200 pounds, was at 55 mph.  Truly the speed of exploration.  Empty highway, rain clouds on the horizon, windows down, what could be better for relaxation and reflection?

Along my leisurely way,  following the sage advice of billboards, I sampled some of the local fare.  And managed to gather information for a new blog, AmericanLunchbox, soon to go online.  Barbecue from two states on two consecutive meals! Yummmmm!!!! Ain’t America great?

Big SHOUT OUT to Gray County Westbound Safety Rest Area, in Texas!

DSCF0852 DSCF0821 DSCF0844
DSCF0823 DSCF0828 DSCF0864

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