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DSCF0615THE OFFER WAS TOO GOOD to be true.  A Made In The USA acoustic guitar, dreadnought-sized, was for sale.  In exchange for a reasonably slim stack of crisp Yankee dollars one could own a genuine Guild D4, a treasure from the heartland of American Folklore.  Yet something seemed amiss . . . 

Ahh, it becomes apparent. It is the six-inch crack in the solid mahogany side of the guitar.  An impact crack, fortunately, rather than that caused by heat or humidity.  The wood can be buttoned up. We have the patience . . . the technology.  The knowledge?  Not yet.  But a visit to Jake the Snake cleared all that up.

A little super glue to tack the edges together, then thin wood glued across the crack from the interior.  How thin?  1/32″ of an inch, it turns out.  Beatty Lumber Company will not get my business on this one.

DSCF0590Up the street, though, is an old-time hobby shop.  I know, because I’ve passed it several times a week for the past 30 years.  And it turns out . . . 1/32″ basswood is a stock item.  They also had the right glue, Titebond.

Armed with a sheet of veneer hardwood from Northern Michigan’s forests, and domestic glue I’ve trusted in the past, I set about successfully repairing my USA-made Guild in just a couple of hours. The Circle Is Unbroken . . . 

 DSCF0587 DSCF0628 DSCF0610


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